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En Garde! Souderton provides financial, volunteer, and social support to the Souderton Area Fencing Club to ensure the club can provide the opportunity for students to engage in fencing and to promote the sport of fencing in the Souderton area. En Garde! Souderton is organized and operated exclusively for exempt purposes set forth in section 501(c)(3). All funds raised go directly to support the Souderton Area Fencing Club. En Garde! board members and staff are all volunteer and do not receive compensation.

Help support the Souderton Area Fencing Club!

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We will send you a receipt if we know your email address, if not, you can email us at engardesouderton@gmail.com and we will send one right over.

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Souderton Area Fencing Club

The Souderton Area Fencing Club is a school club in the Souderton Area School District dedicated to providing an opportunity for any and all Souderton students to fence. The club is open to students in Souderton Area High School, Indian Valley Middle School, and Indian Crest Middle School. The club meets at the Bucks County Academy of Fencing in Hatfield and is taught by their instructors. You can lean more about Souderton Area High School and Bucks County Academy of Fencing on our links page HERE.

The sport of fencing

Fencing is a combat sport derived from old sword fighting and dueling in the 1400s. Before being a sport, fencing was used to train swordsmen for duels and combat. Current day fencing is a competitive sport with participants around the world. Fencing is included in the Summer Olympics, is a collegiate sport, and is popular internationally. Fencing is an academic sport that engages its participants both physically and mentally. It not only requires control and focus but tactics and quick thinking. Fencing is known for its focus on strategy and mental engagement. Kids from a variety of backgrounds and communities benefit from learning to fence because fencing improves focus and coordination and self control. You can learn more about fencing on our links page HERE.

Purpose of En Garde! Souderton

En Garde! Souderton was created to give the students in the Souderton Area School District the opportunity to learn about and try fencing without economic commitment. En Garde! Souderton makes fencing accessible to any student at Souderton High School and Middle Schools regardless of economic situation. Your donation goes directly to pay the fees for space, equipment and instruction for students in the fencing club. No board members or staff receive any payment for their time, they are all volunteers dedicated to supporting the organization and the fencers!

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Our Board and Volunteers

Skye Scarlett


Kelli Scarlett


Chris Doman-Wells

Vice-president/ Treasurer

Kim Dieterichs